Supplier of MS Fabrication in India

Supplier of MS Fabrication in India

KesharBhawani Engineering is a trusted supplier of material handling equipment in India.
We have been in the business since 2015, and have provided reliable and efficient material handling solutions to a wide variety of industries. Supplier of MS Fabrication in India.
MS fabrication refers to the process of fabricating structures and components using mild steel (MS), also known as low-carbon steel.
MS fabrication involves cutting, shaping, welding, and assembling MS materials to create various products, ranging from simple structures to complex machinery and equipment.
The versatility and strength of mild steel make it a popular choice for fabrication projects in industries such as construction, manufacturing, and engineering.

Benefits of MS Fabrication

Strength and Durability: Mild steel possesses excellent strength and durability, making it suitable for fabrication projects that require sturdy and long-lasting structures or components.
Cost-Effective: MS fabrication is a cost-effective choice compared to other materials, such as stainless steel or aluminum. Mild steel is widely available, making it more affordable for fabrication projects, resulting in cost savings.
Versatility: MS fabrication allows for easy customization and shaping of mild steel, enabling the creation of a wide range of products with different sizes, shapes, and complexities.
This versatility makes it suitable for diverse applications across industries.
Weldability: Mild steel is highly weldable, allowing for the efficient joining of various components during the fabrication process.
Welding techniques can be employed to create strong and reliable connections, enhancing the structural integrity of the fabricated products.
Availability: Mild steel is readily available in the market, ensuring a consistent supply for fabrication projects. This availability reduces lead times and ensures the timely completion of projects.
Recyclability: MS fabrication aligns with sustainable practices as mild steel is recyclable. The ability to recycle and reuse mild steel contributes to environmental conservation and minimizes waste.

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